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AARP Succeeds with Geomarketing Strategy

Location-Based Customer Communication enhances learning experience The AARP Driver Safety team uses a number of tactics to attract half a million attendees to its courses throughout the USA each year. However, 5 years ago, AARP Driver Safety experienced declining audiences for the in-person courses. They wanted to increase the number of attendees and also try…

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Growing New Print Business with Geodata

Let Your Print Business Benefit from Location Data! Printers as well as marketers know that in today’s world of big data, the vast availability of customer information presents new challenges. For businesses to create relevant communications for their target audience, they need personalization—which is driven by data. locr gives printers the opportunity to generate new…

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Using Local Marketing to Grow Your Business

  Are You Using Local Marketing to Grow Your Business? You should! Direct Mail is the ideal tool to implement in your omnichannel efforts. This article will explain how locr helps marketers to include location-based personalized direct mail into their marketing campaigns to encourage higher engagement, and achieve a better marketing ROI.

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GDPR Pushes Direct Mail’s Comeback

    Are Your Customers Missing Out on the Benefits of Print? The General Data Protection Regulation is playing a role in the already decreasing response rates for email marketing. Marketers are now searching for alternatives which is opening up new possibilities for print service providers!

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What’s Possible with Print and Digital Data?

For the June edition of Print Solutions, publisher Earth Island wanted to show their readership what’s possible with digital print and variable data. To take the issue beyond the normal forms of personalization, they turned to locr for geomarketing solutions. The UK’s leading independent paper merchant, Premier Paper, also participated in this special magazine issue…

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Customers Prefer Shopping Local

As life in our societies becomes more and more anonymous—consumers value the personal connection with their local shops and retailers. Marketers can leverage that trend by creating a people-based marketing approach to connect with their customer base locally. And when it comes to connection, nothing is more people-based as showing customers relevant products or services…