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What’s Possible with Print and Digital Data?

For the June edition of Print Solutions, publisher Earth Island wanted to show their readership what’s possible with digital print and variable data. To take the issue beyond the normal forms of personalization, they turned to locr for geomarketing solutions. The UK’s leading independent paper merchant, Premier Paper, also participated in this special magazine issue…

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Customers Prefer Shopping Local

As life in our societies becomes more and more anonymous—consumers value the personal connection with their local shops and retailers. Marketers can leverage that trend by creating a people-based marketing approach to connect with their customer base locally. And when it comes to connection, nothing is more people-based as showing customers relevant products or services…

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Meet locr at Dscoop EMEA in Vienna

For retail businesses, location is an important value proposition. That’s why leading retail brands across Europe use geomarketing solutions from locr. Our services create a connection with your customer that motivates them to visit your location. At Dscoop EMEA, locr will be presenting case studies on how printers across Europe have helped their clients to overcome…

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Master Decreasing Attention Spans with Direct Mail

In times where the human attention span is comparable with that of a goldfish, marketers must think of ways to produce digestible content that still generates the customer’s attention. Many marketers found that targeting customers across different media channels provides more touchpoints and a higher chance of customers interacting with marketing content.

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The New Role of Direct Mail in Digital Marketing

To adapt to the digital change that’s undergoing in the marketing industry, marketers turn to new approaches to break through the digital clutter. But digital alone will not lead to create the success these marketers seek. Today, effective marketers are the ones who balance digital channels with the reliable power of customized printed communication programs.…

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Improve Your ROI with Geomarketing

A company’s primary goal is to connect customers with their business. Marketers try to support this mission by adopting new tools and technology as they search for ways to get a better return on their marketing investment (ROMI). Geomarketing has become the latest trend in helping marketers achieve the goals of efficiency and results.

locr to exhibit at PrintWeekLive 2018

locr to exhibit at PrintWeekLive! 2018

It’s locr on tour, again! Tony and Thomas are more than happy to be part of PrintWeekLive! 2018, being held next month in Coventry England. A show for the industry, by the industry, this event brings printers and print buyers together for a two-day conference for discussions about the print business and technologies. This interactive event…