Maps On Demand

locr’s Maps on Demand service allows you to instantly and automatically create a single custom map or a complete collection of personalized maps. With the locr API you can program your own applications to access our high-speed servers. It is secure, fast, reliable, and direct.

Marketing Portals

Many printers provide marketing portals for customized, on-demand sales and marketing materials using a web-to-print solution. locr makes it easy to include customized maps in these marketing portals, helping you to expand the offerings in your marketing portal.

All it takes to add maps in your design templates is a few simple commands from the locr API. The user creates the maps and then proofs them on the screen. The maps are then integrated into your print-ready artwork. Your system can even securely send an entire data file of addresses to create multiple variable maps for a direct mail campaign on the fly.

Print on Demand

You can use Maps on Demand for direct mail, bespoke invitation cards for events, real estate brochures, new customer welcome packs, personalized tourist guides and many more print-on-demand applications.


The market for photobooks and other personalized photo products is growing fast. Enhance the value of these photobooks by including bespoke maps ordered directly from your online photobook service.

High quality, unique maps that show where their favourite photos were taken can add helpful information and remarkable emotional value to photo books. Just add some simple locr API code to your system and our Maps on Demand service will easily add maps and location to your photo products. For inspiration.

Find out more about the locr API and ask us to let your programmers try it out.