Using locr’s geo-based data services can help you:

  • improve the quality of your address data
  • more precisely define your audience segments
  • provide enhanced information for your messaging
  • increase the relevancy of your campaigns

locr GEOservices uses precise latitude and longitude coordinates for an address. The level of accuracy can enhance your address lists so you can better target you campaign and your message. With GEOservices, you can:

Validate your addresses using geocoding technology and find faulty records for further correction.

Assign the nearest sales location from a separate list to each record by using real navigation calculation. Define rules like assigning the next three locations within 10 miles around each address or the nearest shops from different categories.

Give the estimated time to drive or walk from a recipient address to a destination or location in normal conditions.

Calculate the driving, walking or flight distance from every recipient address to a destination or location.

Get turn-by-turn information in text or HTML format and include that in your marketing message.

Once recognized, your addresses  can be geocoded, adding latitude and longitude coordinates with rooftop precision. Records without exact addresses can still be geocoded to a street, intersection or postal code.

Convert geographic coordinates, like from a mobile device to the closest validated address.


locr’s GEOanalytics techniques go one step further. They enable you to select and segment your address lists using geo-based navigational data. Using GEOanalytics you can:

  • Group recipient addresses by travel time or distance bands from one or more destinations
  • Select recipient addresses within a specified range of travel time or distance to a single destination
  • Segment an address list by various ranges of travel time or distance to a destination
  • Segment an address list by shortest travel time or distance to a destination within a list of multiple destinations