LOCALvideo maps “zoom” the viewer into a specific location identified on the map with a logo.

LOCALvideo Maps enable you to:

  • Highlight locations of interest
  • Generate attention using “dynamic zoom”
  • Use personalized icons in the animation

NAVIvideo maps animate the driving route the viewer would take from one location to the next, such as from an airport to a hotel.

NAVIvideo Maps enable you to:

  • Animate the route
  • Show airplane trips ta a dedicated airport
  • Move icons along the route or move the whole map

MULTIvideo maps animate the multiple stops and transportation a user could experience on a trip. A flight, a car drive, and walking route can all be detailed in one video.

MULTIvideo Maps enable you to:

  • Give an animated representation of a complete journey
  • Combine all personalizations being possible with LOCAL videos and NAVIvideos
  • Generate attention when used on PURL’s and in personalized videos

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