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  • Create maps with our online batch tool

  • Work with one of our partner integrations

  • Build an automated solution with our API

  • Or let us manage your bespoke projects

Choose the path that’s right for you

You can access the full range of locr services in the way that works best for you and your business.

Whether you have a simple or complex project, a one-off or regular campaign, or want to use our API or one of our partner integrations, we have the right solution for you.

Project Based

Is this your first experience with personalized content? Are you working on large projects or specific requirements? Work with our team on a project-by-project basis and we make sure your project will be a success and easy to handle.

Web Services

Do you run map creation projects on a regular basis? Use our online Batch Tool to generate maps on our servers and download them directly to your production workflow.

Application Partners

Our Cloud-based maps servers have been fully integrated into software platforms or are available via partner programs with leading vendors like HP, XMPie, Quadient and EFI. These are the perfect embedded solutions for regular projects and experienced marketing and print service providers.

Integrate our API

Are you a software solution provider or online business service who wants to create unique maps automatically in your application? Our Maps on Demand service can be accessed directly by programming with our REST API and retrieving maps directly from our servers 24/7.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Email us at and tell us what you’d like to achieve.


  • Up-to-date geodata with global coverage

  • Highly secure, GDPR-compliant data processing

  • Cloud-based servers for high volume demand

Take a look under the hood …


The base geodata we use is OpenStreetMap which provides extensive geographic coverage down to house level for most of the world. OSM is a very rich dataset, comprising many millions of miles of accurately surveyed streets and a huge range of geographical features which are continuously updated by the OSM community. The underlying OSM geodata is made available under a clear Open Database License. locr converts OSM geodata into visually beautiful maps distributed under a locr and OSM copyright, using rendering styles and formats that we have designed.


locr uses secure FTP to download encrypted maps and data to our clients. We only accept encrypted or password-protected customer data files. All customer data is stored securely and automatically deleted two weeks after a project is completed. locr’s cloud-based servers for high volume applications are hosted in Germany.

Map Creation

The locr maps system is capable of generating high volumes of fully individualized maps. It can provide maps in very high print quality (300 – 1200 dpi), or optimized for online use, or as fully animated maps for personalized videos. For very high volume, fast turnaround requirements, the performance of the system can be dynamically adjusted using on-demand cloud-based server resources.

Print quality maps are provided as JPEG images and can easily be processed in any kind of variable data production environment to generate the print data stream. Using the recipient’s ID in the JPEG filename, images can be easily assigned to the appropriate data set. VIDEOmaps are provided in popular video formats and can either be hosted and streamed for web applications or provided for the inclusion in personalized videos.

API Documentation

All of the core functionality for map creation and GEOservices is available via the locr API. The API Documentation is available here. Use of the API requires a login provided by locr. If you would like to test or develop your own application using the locr API, please contact us.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Email us at and tell us what you’d like to achieve.

Map Icons

The full List

Here is our existing and ever expanding map icon catalogue. All of these icons can be easily colored using RGB codes. Scroll down the window below to see the full list of standard icons. If you wish to include a custom icon, just let us know.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Email us at and tell us what you’d like to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide address lists?

Address lists should be provided as CSV or Excel files. Recipient addresses should be in one file. Locations for LOCALmaps and destinations for NAVImaps should be in another file.

House number, street name, city, postal code and country need to be provided in separate fields. Each address must have a unique ID in a separate field – this will be used for the name of each map image. We will add the recipient ID for you if you forget.

If you have multiple locations and you want to show just the nearest ones to each recipient, we can calculate that automatically or you can assign a specific destination for each recipient in the data. Ask us and we will show you how.

What file formats do you use?

We normally supply maps for printing as 300 dpi JPEG files or 72dpi for online use. But we can also adjust the resolution and file format to suit your needs. They can be in full RGB color or grayscale. Our animated video maps are MP4 files. Any brand logos or custom icons that you want to provide should ideally be transparent PNG images.

How will I get the maps?

We provide the maps in zip folders which you can download from a secure link that we give you. After we have created all the maps and you are happy with them, we delete your customer data. And for the brief time we hold your data it is safely and securely stored.

Each map will have a unique name using the recipient ID in your data file. We also return the data files with the recipient ID and any other GEOservices data you have asked us to add such as travel time, distance or turn-by-turn navigation.

locr personalized maps can then be incorporated into your print production, email or web pages dynamically. If you are working with a marketing services provider, they will know what to do. But we can provide any extra technical support you need to ensure that your project with locr personalized maps is a great success.

Do locr maps have to display a copyright on them?

Yes, always! locr maps uses data from OpenStreetMap enabling locr maps to provide extensive geographic coverage down to the street level. OSM is open source data which locr converts into visually beautiful maps, using rendering styles and formats that we have designed. It means that locr maps are available under a clear and free-of-charge licensing agreement for the underlying geodata.

In what sizes do the locr maps come?

In the locr Batch Tool you can create maps with sizes up to A5. On a project basis, maps are available up to A0. For other sizes, please contact your local locr representative.

Can I change elements on the map?

You can choose locations to be shown with icons which can be customized with brand logos or chosen from a wide variety of our standard icons, pins and symbols. The display of the map itself cannot be altered.

Can I change the size/scale of the map?

For your maps to perfectly suit the requirements of your campaign, you can specify the size and design of the map beforehand. locr will tailor each personalized map to provide the right scale and quality for your geomarketing campaign. Please note that the copyright sign may not be removed from the map.

How secure is my customer data?

locr complies with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), one of the strictest data security regulations in the world. In practice, this means that:

  • we normally only work with anonymous address data,
  • data is only stored on our secure servers,
  • we delete all data from our servers no more than two weeks after project completion.
  • we only accept encrypted customer data
  • all maps and enhanced customer data are downloaded by secure FTP

Customers can be assured that the data they provide to us will be managed with the utmost care and security.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Email us at and tell us what you’d like to achieve.