Maps customized for your project


Display one or more locations near an address


Route from the recipient address to one or more locations


Combination of LOCALmaps and NAVImaps - makes both route and surroundings visible

Maps customized for your project

Whether it’s one or multiple locations, single maps, or a million, our maps are customized for your project and created on demand for each recipient. Maps communicate your information in colors, designs, and icons that are variable and adapted to your corporate design.

locr MAPS are both eye-catching and informative graphics. Personalized maps arouse emotions and memories, which has been proven to increase response rates and promote long-term customer loyalty.

We work worldwide for companies in a wide range of industries. locr MAPS can be found in personalized print products such as direct mail, magazine covers, or e-mail newsletters. Maps are also suitable for art prints or photo books. We also offer animated VIDEOmaps for online marketing or video mailings.

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Analyze addresses and locations – identify and recreate connections

Address optimization

• Check for duplicate or incorrect addresses

Address assignment

• Assignment of nearest locations to a customer address
• Assignment based on distance or travel time
• Up to five locations per customer address

Travel time, distance, routing

• Calculation of estimated travel time and distance
• Calculation of route from customer to destination address

Address geocoding

• Enrichment of postal addresses with missing or incomplete geodata

Reverse Geocoding

• Determination of postal addresses from received geodata

GEOservice in Practice:


Analyze specific areas with geodata and address the right target groups

ISOdist location information


• Visualization of target areas by distance


• Visualization of target routes according to travel time
HEATmap Geomarketing


• Distribution and density of a selection of locations in a defined environment
• Segmentation of sales territories by a distribution of customer base

GEOanalytics enables a precise analysis and visual representation of areas at different distances. You can plan new company locations, segment target groups, and make optimal marketing decisions.

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