Cross Media Location Finder:
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The locrFINDER is a new, innovative online location finder that works for online platforms and cross media print marketing campaigns. It displays the quickest route to your nearest company locations for every individual user.

You gain insights into opening rates connected to geodata: You can identify hotspots of activity and find out where to plan further marketing activities.

By integrating the locrFINDER, offset print products like EDDM (doordrop) campaigns offer personalized, relevant content for your customers while providing valuable marketing insights.

What is special about the


Customers can simply click a link or scan a QR code to find a route map on their mobile device, showing the quickest way to the closest business location. You can choose the number of displayed locations and categorize them as needed. With customized map designs and matching icons, customers receive clear, relevant information. This highlights proximity and accessibility, which is proven to increase response rates. As the users agree to share their current location, you can track engagement without identifying individuals, but their position at the time of the scan.


You receive statistics on locrFINDER interactions per day as well as the times with the highest activity. Additionally, you gain insights into where the locrFINDER was used and how often, along with data on the most assigned company locations. This information is exclusively visible to you via online access.

How does that work?

Users open the URL and agree to share their mobile device’s location. Utilizing a database provided by you, their location is then assigned to your nearest business location, enabling display of the quickest route. Customers can then use their preferred routing app for navigation. We provide one dedicated server for each customer project for stable performance, free from interference by other services.
We guarantee data security: You retain control of your and your customers’ data. It will not be analyzed or used for other purposes by third parties. All data remains within our servers, which are located in Germany. We work in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), providing a high level of security. You can find more information in our general FAQ.
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